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Riding suzhou

Reasons to cycle in Suzhou:

    1. 2500 years ago, Emperor Wuwang Helv built its capital city here. The city didn’t change much since 500 BC. The city always keeps the style of “ street nearby river” and the wonderful sight of white wall and black tile, as well as bridge and river. The ancient city is 14.2 inside the moat. It will cost you just 15 min’s to ride from north to south or from west to east.
    2. Most of gardens and places of interests locate within the ancient city. Furthermore, some sights locate on walking-streets. So it’s better to get there by bike. Only in old streets and alleys can you taste the easy lifestyle in Suzhou. That’s the real peaceful life. We have our own riding map, on which you can find more than 20 hundreds-of-years-old wells. You would be amazed to find that they are still in use.
    3.There are more than 400 ancient protecting-buildings in Suzhou city. Most of them are famous persons’ memorials、special buildings and places containing legends. By our special map, you would know about the ancient city and the change when years go by. Most importantly, you needn’t buy any tickets.
    4.Bicycle is one of the main transport tools in Suzhou. It's safe and convenient to ride around Suzhou.
    5.It’s about 30 km from Suzhou to Tongli Town or Luzhi Town or West Hill or East Hill. If you feel ok, we strongly suggest you ride there. On the road, you can enjoy the sights and save expense meanwhile.

First of all, it’s very interesting to travel by bike, as well as saving time and expense. Besides you can know about ancient Suzhou city and local people. The third, riding is the way travelling sportively and environment-protectly.

dotNotice of using the bicycle
deposit of 200RMB or passport or ID Card
abide law and transport rule in suzhou
please deal with accidents by yourself. Our hostel will help you when neccesary.
please take care of bicycles and control the speed
guard against theft, don’t park at dangerous place
if you lose or break the bicycle, please pay the expense of the bicycle and the expense of fixing
one person one bicycle. No overweight.

dot Payment
25RMB/day; 15 RMB/half day (including lock and phone suppport)

骑行苏州地图 骑行苏州地图 骑行苏州地图

We can ride in the lane,this is Higer hill.

西山太湖  苏州控保建筑 苏州控保建筑
You can see the sunshine at West hill.                         you can review the old house through the map of "suzhou riding map"
西山太湖 西山太湖 西山太湖
this is quiet Pingjiang road,there is stone lane and quiet street,this is like time stopped, one day likes one hundred years.
狮子林 拙政园 苏州古城全景

   Leons Forest Garden             The Humble Adiministrator's Garden                You can review the whole old city form Gratitude-Paying Temple

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Must-dos in Suzhou

dotClimb up the North Pagoda for a nice view of the city
dotVisit the new Suzhou Museum designed by Ming Pei
dotVisit the Silk Museum and discover the history of Silk making and the 'Silk Road'
dotVisit the Silk Embroidery Institute and see the finest embroidery in the world.
dotWalk down Ping Jian Road and stop into the Kunqu (Suzhou) Opera school, theater and museum and the Pin Tan Museum. Pin Tan is a local musical tradition with a man and a woman playing traditional instruments and singing. There are nightly performances of Pin Tan at 8pm at the tea house at 793 Shi Quan Rd as well as at other locations.
dotTake a boat ride through the city's canals

苏州古城全景  李公堤
You can review the old town form North Temple                                            Ligongdi Street night sight
苏州科技文化艺术中心 平江路 控制保护建筑
suzhou scinece culture and art centre             Pingjiang road, like a chinese paint           riding suzhou,you can know suzhou deeply.
 苏州美食 苏州美食
this is jiangnan local food,you can find it at Phoenix street or shiquan street.
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